Gearless elevator drives

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  Person to Contact   
  Phone Number   
  Reference Number   
  Technical Data  
  Payload (kg)   
  Car Weight (kg)   
    Weight Compensation Factor (%)
  (Assume 50% If Not Specify)
    Hoistway Efficiency (%)
  (Assume 85% If Not Specify)
  Rope Suspension    1:1 2:1 Other (Please Specify)
  Rope Compensation (%)   
  Travelling Speed (m/s)   
  Lifting Height (m)   
  Acceleration (m/s²)   
  Weight of Travelling Cable (kg/m)   
    Trips Per Hour
  (Assume 240 Trip Per Hour If Not Specify)
    Duty cycle (%)
  (Assume 40% If Not Specify)
    Traction Sheave Diameter (mm)   
  Wire Rope Maker   
  Wire Rope Type   
  Wire Rope Breaking Force (KN)   
  Weight of Wire Rope (kg/m)   
  Rope Diameter (mm)   
    Number of Rope (unit)   
  Wrapping Angle, Single Wrap (°)   
    Groove Shape    Semi-round Groove With Undercut (Standard)
   Special Groove (Please Specify If Any)
  Machine Mounting Position    Top Bottom Other (Please Specify)
  Deflection Pulleys (unit)
  Deflection Pulley Diameter (mm)
  Simple Bending:-
   unit = mm
   unit = mm
   unit = mm
   unit = mm
  Reverse Bending:-
   unit = mm
   unit = mm
   unit = mm
   unit = mm
    Overload Factor (%)
  (Assume 125% If Not Specify)
  Encoder (Heidenhain ECN 1313)    SSI Endat Other (Please Specify)